The Artist

Milon Townsend

In the early ‘80s I fell in love with the work of Milon Townsend. I would visit his studio in the East Village in New York and watch him for hours as he would transform rods of glass into majestic sculptures. My favorite work of his was a six-foot tall praying mantis, which, to this day, remains the single most moving art piece I have encountered.

His art has been a talisman for me to warn off darkness. No matter how deep the abyss I fall into emotionally, physically, and mentally, I can visualize his images and they inspires me to reclaim the best of myself. They urges me to live, and by doing so, create beauty of my own.

Many of his creations are allegorical; I see my life-and death struggle to reclaim my heath played out in each piece. I am the Red King extricating myself from a stygian prison; I am the figure in “Emergence” clawing my way out of ignorance, fear, and destabilization. I have set many of his sculptures to poems I have written over the years. These can be found on the HMHI Facebook page:

I hope you enjoy his work as much as I have. Much more is displayed on his homepage:

Chaim Durst