The Workbook

The Workbook



Workbook Overview
  • Reclaim the Best of Yourself

    The first printing of Reclaim the Best of Yourself is now available. This book is intended primarily for those individuals who are tapering off of psychiatric medications or are contemplating doing so. It is also intended for those individuals who are wrestling with addictive tendencies. Getting off of medications or drugs and overcoming addiction go hand in hand; we often become addicted to the very medications that we sense are undermining our health; or we may become addicted to other substances purely to escape the physical, emotional, and mental pain that long-term med use has caused.

    This workbook is both philosophical and practical.

    On the one hand, it offers practical advice for coping with the pain and emotional gyrations that are associated with drug or medication tapers. Fundamentally, however, it is a blueprint for reclamation. Psychiatric medications and recreational drugs both retard our growth and suppress our emotional and mental development. It is as if these substances imprison the best of ourselves within padded prisons that subsequently prevent us from feeling either the pain or joy of life. As we emerge from these artificial prisons, we necessarily have to learn to trust, believe, forgive, and love anew if we wish to live fully actualized lives.

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